Publish Android App to Google Playstore Instantly to Earn Money
How to Publish an Android App in Google Play Store: a Complete Step-by-Step Guide The process of your Android app publishing to the app store is not only a thrilling but very important moment for your application destiny as well. Will your app be added, will it be seen in the store, will people download and install it? All this depends on how successful your release would be. The preparation for a release starts long before the development of an Android application. Let us guide you through the jungle of all the development terms and all those rules that Google Play has prepared for you.

Where to publish, who can publish and why?
Before all else, we need to mention that Google Play is not a unique option for you. There are lots of alternative app stores when you think where to publish an Android app. To choose the best variant you need to consider the target audience and geography you want to cover. As you probably know, Google Play doesn’t work in China. So, if your app is mainly for the Asian market, you need to think about an alternative app store for your project. Yet, this article is about how to publish Android app to Google Play only.
Before you start deploying an Android app to Google Play, make sure that everything is ready. You will need some screenshots of your app (in high quality), the description of the application and, of course, an APK file (the app itself). Pay attention that there are strict limitations concerning the size of an app. The maximum size is 100 Mbytes, however, It would be better if it’s less than 50 Mbytes, then users who live in areas with a bad internet connection would have a chance to try your app. Here are the steps to publish an Android app on Google Play: read more