Latest Critical Factors of Blogging in 2019 for Experts Bloggers
We’ve done the legwork for you, talking with the web’s blogging elite and garnering their best tips. Consider these 19 tips an all-inclusive handbook to blogging success, chock-full of guidance from a handful of virtual mentors. These expert bloggers will instruct you on the keys to blogging success: how to get the ball rolling, create quality content, and stay dedicated, even in an evolving blogging environment.

Yes, it’s. Just a little change came from before. If you write a blog post on something, you can definitely get traffic from Google to your website.
Unless you write high quality and unique articles and do not give time and effort to apply these tips below.
  1. Don’t concentrate on quantity, focus on quality.
  2. Respond on comments.
  3. To encourage conversations.
  4. Convert visitors to customers.
  5. Collect leads or emails.
  6. Start push notifications in your blog.
You will do well with a combination of all those things. That will make your  blog in top. Is this sufficient for an expert bloggers then the reply is that No, these are not sufficient. 
Are you ready to be a better blogger in 2019? Read on!

1. It’s About Time

Before you even think of pursuing a blog — with the intent to make money or simply as a hobby — you have to be real with yourself. Know your capabilities, as far as time and availability go.
“Successful blogging requires time, dedication, and some strategic planning,” says Brittany Watson Jepsen of powerhouse DIY craft blog, The House That Lars Built. “I wouldn’t plan on doing it if you don’t have sufficient time to devote to it.”

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