SMF Forum Footer & Header Customization And Marketing Success
Simple Machines offers free open source software such as SMF, the powerful and easy to use community forum written in PHP as the message-board program developed by The Simple Machines Organization. This forum can be used as a successful marketing tool as thousands of internet users like to use it for their simple using methods=&0=& From the entry page, click Admin from the upper menu. This will reveal a second menu just underneath the first. Hover over Configuration and then hover over Server Settings. Click on the General option from the popup menu. 2. This lands you on the General Server Settings page. From here you will see a few settings. Look for theForum Title field and enter your new site title there. 3. Once you are happy with your new title, click on the Save button located in the lower right hand corner of the screen. This will save and activate your new header title. Before After You can also remove the links and version number as well, giving you some more space. While technically allowable to remove the copyright, it is considered rude to do so since Simple Machines allows their program to be used free of charge. Follow the instructions below to find out how to modify the footer in your SMF 2.0 website.

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