Reveals: How to Create a Video Search Engine For Your Website in 2021

In this article, we show how to build your own search engine for your website using just PHP that returns exclusively videos. So it’s a video search engine. This search engine we are going to build doesn’t require MySQL in conjunction with PHP. It just requires PHP alone. You can see the search engine shown above. This search engine shown above searches this whole site. This website has a pretty good, extensive list of videos on electronics. So if you type in ‘transistor’, ‘op amp’, ‘circuit’, ‘power’, ‘circuit’, you’ll get back results. This search engine outputs videos that are found based on the search. It lists every video on this website that matches all of the words in the search query. If you try it out above, you’ll see this. It’s very simple and it doesn’t require any vast enormous databases such as using a MySQL database and having multiple tables to search. It’s just PHP. read more

Google Offers New Insurance Attribute for Healthcare Providers

Google recently shared with its trusted partners (including information on an attribute that will make it easier for healthcare providers to share information about health insurance networks accepted at different locations or physicians. The insurance attribute, which applies to healthcare providers’ Google My Business (GMB) listings, will be valuable to providers so long as they have access to the GMB application programming interface (API). The digital Insurer reports on google’s entry into car insurance … as well as to be superbly positioned to offer insurance solutions to the new risks that will need to … Verily Life Sciences, the health care company owned by Alphabet, is getting into insurance, the company announced today. Verily is launching a new subsidiary for the effort called Coefficient Insurance Company, which will be backed by the commercial insurance unit of Swiss Re Group.Insurance is one industry that faces disruption not only from insurtech startups, but also from established players in other industries, including tech, that seek to change the way coverage works for consumers and businesses. read more