Blogging Challenge in 2021: How do you choose the right keywords for Contents

 Perhaps all of you must also know that most blogs stop working on their blogs because of this because they did not choose the topic of their blog correctly. So let’s now know what we need to do to find a good topic. Either pay an expert to do it, a search engine optimization specialist, or become one yourself. There are dozens of great keyword research software tools though I would highly suggest using one you consider user-friendly and is paid. The free ones will never give you the data that paid ones do. The right keywords for your blog are the ones your readership will be typing into a search engine. It is these keywords and these keyword phrases that matter; they are what matter the most, as long as you can back that keyword up with highly relevant content. “Build the blog and the people will come!” -NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.. you must use keywords and phrases that lots of people are searching for. Then you have to rank for them so they show up high in the search index results. If new at this concentrate on longtail keywords so you can have top listings quick.

So if you ask this question to any blogger, then all of you will give the answer that in any field or whatever you have good knowledge about. Start your blog with the same topic.

What do you think of people? Should we do the same We should make a blog about whatever we have good information about.

I would like to tell you about it, no, we should not do this, we still have to see many things only to see what we have good information about.

That’s not enough, let’s say that you know everything and you have created a blog on it. But no one wants to know about that information, so you have to see whether people want to read your blog or not.

Now you must be wondering how this thing will be found out whether people want to read about that topic or not. Or say, how many people are there on the internet, who search to know about that information.

So for that, you will have to do Keyword Research according to the topic of your blog. If you want to make your blog on Health Niche. So, search through your topic and see if there is a search volume on Related Keywords from those topics.

You can use the Ahref tool to do Keyword Research. But for this, you have to pay a charge of Rs 300-400 per month and if you want to use the free tool then WMS will be very good for you everywhere. This is a Chrome Extension.

Apart from this, you also have another way by which you can choose the right topic of your blog and that is that you have to open Google

and type in its search box, Top 10 Blog + Your Niche This way you will get a lot to see whether people want to read the topic of your blog or not.

Find blog niche

And out of all the results that you will get on Google

, you open any one website, then you will get the names of the 10 best blogs made on that topic, then you should check the report of any website from that on Google from this website How much traffic is coming.

For this, you can use a similar web tool. Where you can know about any website, how much traffic is coming to that website every month and where it is coming from.

After doing so, you will also have to see how many posts you can write on that topic. If you can write some 50 posts related to that topic, then you can make your own blog on that topic.

If you are not able to understand anything after thinking 50 who write that topic then you should make your own blog on another topic. Because if you have created a blog on that topic, you do not have any content that you can post anything new on it.

These are some very popular topics on which you can start your blog, if you have good knowledge about any of these topics then you can make your own blog on these topics.

  • Marketing
  • Personal Finance
  • Make money online
  • Beauty
  • Sports
  • Food
  • Health and Fitness
  • Technology
  • Business
  • Career

So I hope you have now understood well how we should choose a good topic on our blog. Now you can start the process of creating a blog.

Keywords are not only subjective or preferred words as you choose. They can be generalized and based on general words related to a subject.

  • Visit Competitors Sites , check how they are using keywords in titles and descriptions
  • Use Google Ad-words to check the traffic and competition of a keyword
  • Try searching on google with ‘words’ relevant to subject and figure out how the top searches are using keywords
  • Follow different tools to check stats of traffic, competition of selected keywords
  • Use long tail keywords of low competition, that better help in retaining the long term ranking of keywords

    Keywords will automatically come into play.

    Thinking about writing valuable content while using the terms that your target audience searches most. No one searches for generic terms. Search queries are now very specific and long tail, sometimes very very niche.

    Start with very very niche and as you develop good content addressing the problems of audiences you can move to more generic terms and no one can stop your website from ranking high.

    I hope this helps.